Jan. 27, 2019

Past issues w/ nutrition if any:
I cannot remember any “true” issues with nutrition. I know that my nutrition plan has definitely evolved since I entered the endurance sports world. I have gone from training for 13.1 with nothing during training runs, and course provided nutrition only to an extremely regimented hydration and nutrition plan.

Also, as a coach, I try very, very hard to “walk the walk” and not “talk the talk.” However, there are truly times where an athlete should “do as I say, not as I do.”

Training Phase Nutrition:

Swim: I do not take in anything during a swim, unless I know for certain the session will be longer than an hour. Most 140.6 courses are not conducive to the intake of nutrition/hydration. Thus, that is how I train. This would could potentially change if I were training for a race that was a multiple loop course.

Bike: I prefer to hydrate every 2.5 - 3.5 min (about 1x/mile) if I am on pace. I incorporate “chewy” or solid snacks equaling about 100 kcal every 45-60 min on the bike such as Honey Stinger Waffles, pieces of Bonk Breakers, Uncrustables, etc. Typically this remains constant on race day as well.

My hydration of choice right now is a custom Infinit blend (I used F2C Nutrition for years and it worked very well for me.) as they are a team sponsor and I have been successful with these products in the past. I have been known to blend my mix with coconut water and water (1⁄2 each) to boost the potassium on very warm days..

Run: I hydrate with a custom Infinit blend every 2.5-3.0 min and take in “chewy” calories (1⁄2 Stinger Waffle, gel, or electrolyte gummies) equaling about 100 kcal every 4 miles for runs over 90 min. Period. This is the same on race day and may decrease in interval to 3 miles depending on weather and effort.

Days before the race: My philosophy on the days leading into a race is largely the same as race day: “Nothing new.” The only thing I do alter is that I begin to limit roughage about 36-48 hours prior to race start. I am a “water-a-holic” and try to consume a lot of water, La Croix, and maybe heavily diluted electrolytes for a week leading into the race.

Race Day Morning: Coffee! I cannot get the day started without my huge cup of “joe” and almond milk. For a 70.3 I tend to eat a banana and half a bagel with peanut butter or one protein Bonk Breaker. I will drink anywhere form 18-36 ounces of diluted electrolytes prior to the race, finishing about 20 minutes before the swim starts.

Bike Leg: I do not ride based on power during the race. And, I only monitor heart rate in the higher temperatures and climbs. I ride based on cadence, and it is very successful for me. I employ the same nutrition/hydration strategy from my training even if that means mixing concentrated bottles and diluting along the course. I may stop for ice or a banana if I feel that I need either or both.

Run Leg: I nearly always use a run/walk strategy for the run on race day. It keeps my more even paced, and it facilitates regular hydration. I will stop for ice and to refill my handheld along the course so I do not have to carry extra mix on my person.

Any changes for 70.3 vs 140.6: The only notable changes from a 70.3 to a 140.6 are not always nutrition oriented. I will stop and stretch (and relube perhaps) on the bike course, as well as utilize the special needs stop to replenish my supplies. On the run, I just goal it out to be steady.

I go into every race to be as ready as I can both physically and mentally. Run/walk keeps me focused at the end of a long day, as well as motivating me to NOT GET PASSED by another runner. So far it has worked.

by Lori Abbey


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