March 3, 2019

What is it?
My favorite description of swimrun is "amphibious trail running." The concept is pretty simple – you race with a partner across the natural terrain of a location. When there’s water, you swim across it, and when there’s land, you run. You’re required to stay within 10 meters of your partner at all times and you can use whatever equipment you want as long as you cross the finish line carrying all the gear you started with. This means that if you want to use fins to swim, you can (at our first race, we saw one team that did). The only mandatory equipment for most US races is a wetsuit, a whistle, and a compression bandage. The races are made up of varying distances, but most of them take around the same amount of time to finish as a half ironman.

Along with the mandatory whistle, wetsuit and bandage, you can use whatever equipment you'd like. Here's what my partner Whiting and I used:

- Wetsuit: We both raced last year in the Zone 3 Evolution wetsuit. This swimrun-specific wetsuit has long neoprene sleeves but the legs are made of thinner material than a normal swimming wetsuit and only go to the knee. This allows for comfortable running. Because you’ll likely be pulling the top of the wetsuit down throughout the day for the longer run segments, there’s a zipper on the front of the suit instead of the back. The suit has pockets inside and out to carry the things you need (gels, etc.). Read more about what to look for when buying a swim run wetsuit...

- Trail shoes and wool socks: You'll be swimming in your shoes, so wool socks keep your wet feet as warm as possible.

- Paddles and buoy: Swimming with paddles and a buoy offsets the drag of swimming with your shoes on. You strap a buoy to your leg with a bungee cord. You spin it around to the front to use while swimming, then spin it off to the side of your leg to keep it out of the way while running. We used paddles with wrist straps that made them easy to spin to the outside of the wrist and keep out of the way while running.
Tether: Some teams opt to tether themselves together so that they'll stay within the required distance of each other. None of the races I've done have required it.
Why You Should Try It
The team aspect of this sport is a major part of the appeal. It's so much fun to share a racing experience with a partner who was experiencing the whole thing right along with me. Endurance racing is often so much about pushing yourself through setbacks to accomplish a personal goal for personal reasons, but racing as a team brings a whole new wonderful dynamic to it. To steal a phrase, it's not triathlon without a bike. It's not a relay. It's a team effort and it's amazing.

Swimming and running across the natural terrain instead of a precisely measured urban course makes it feel like an adventure. This type of racing allows us to see parts of these state parks that you can't get to easily from the roads. It felt untouched and wild.

Every experience is a different adventure; here are a few excellent events that are offered in the US:
SwimRun Lake James (Nebo, North Carolina, April)
Cole Classic SwimRun (Casco Bay, Maine, August)
SwimRun Orcas Island (San Juan Islands, Washington, September)
SwimRun NC (Hanging Rock, North Carolina, October)


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Masterclass camp hosted by Chris McDonald, Harold Wilson and Scott Horns. Special appearances by 3x Ironman Champ and 12 Hr TT world champion, Dede Griesbauer and other guests to be announced.


March 3, 2019

Hola! So we are still having some pretty cold days here in Boulder. My family loves to eat a nice, warm bowl of soup with a crusty loaf of bread. I was in a big rush and looking for something easy to throw together, so opened my fridge to see what I could do.


March 3, 2019

With the growing popularity of trail running, it’s no surprise we’re seeing a lot of M-dot tattoos on the trails. Trail running, to our type A, training junkie, love of challenge personalities, is like honey to a bear. If a trail race is on your bucket list, here’s my list of things to know..


March 2, 2019

In the first part of this series we will talk about what swimmer’s shoulder is, do you have it and what do you need to do right away. In next month’s installation, we will talk about how to prevent it.


March 2, 2019

Productive and safe riding... but what about the boredom factor of indoor riding? Workouts, worlds, and challenges will take care of that! We've got some awesome ways you can challenge yourself and get more out of your Zwift workouts.


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