Dec. 31, 2016

Years ago I read a quote from a top professional cyclist or triathlete. The quote went something like this, “if you want to be a great athlete get used to being bored.”  It made sense initially and if you are a single, hard working athlete you may have plenty of time to be bored. My thinking at the time was I have a daughter, training, commitments and two jobs; I have no time to be bored. I hardly have time at all in fact.

Fast forward years later and the meaning of that quote rings much louder, but in a broader sense. I am a great/good dad, great/good athlete, great/good partner at times, but very OFF when it comes to being bored.

I now realize I can and will be better in each area of my life by simply not over extending myself, saying “No” more than “Yes” and embrace being bored and having down time. Doing nothing, more often!

If there is one thing I highly promote with the athletes I coach, it is to find balance within the sport while still being a productive parent, employee, partner and friend.

If we have the ability and the time to be bored than we most likely have made some great life choices. We have organized our life well enough to earn that down time.

Benefits of being bored as an athlete include faster recovery times, less mental stress, kick your feet up or slip on some Normatec recovery boots and just hang with someone important to you. Benefits of being bored as a parent may include sitting on the couch, watching silly shows or reading books with no concern for the time. Being bored as a partner or friend shows that you have carved out time to be with them regardless of whatever they want you to do. Maybe joining a buddy at Chili's for happy hour every now and then. They'll realize the commitment you have made to them. 

I have realized that as I become better at being bored, my life across all facets is improving. This doesn’t mean I procrastinate or become lazy with what my circle expects of me. It simply means I tightened up my circle and my organization skills to give me more time. I am working on this and encourage you all to seek out more time in your lives this year.  Start with finding an extra hour for sleep - that will be the initial single biggest pay off, then work on saying “No” more to those outside of your circle - it gets easier to do. Cut down on TV time and social media. ☺ Be less busy and maybe you will have a chance to be bored. It is a good thing IMHO ;)


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