Dec. 12, 2016

Winter is the time of year when most of us focus on other aspects of our lives besides triathlon. With the holidays, family gatherings, and work parties, training gets harder to fit in during the winter months.

Here are my favorite go to winter workouts:


Workout #1: Broken 3200

800 easy mixed strokes
2x400 pull Paddles and bouy
4x200 steady 
8x100 as
4x100 hard 
4x100 75 hard/25 non-free easy
Every swim is done on .20 seconds rest 

If you are tight on time you can always shorten the workout and use 600's instead of 800's

Workout #2: 3000 Drills

200 free/200 kick/200 pull/200 kick/200 free
Main set:
4X50 single-arm drill
2X100 as 50 sprint/50 easy on :15 rest
4X50 finger tip drag
2X100 as 50 sprint/50 easy on :15 rest
4X25 head up drill
4X25 band only
2X100 all fast on :10 rest
300 easy recovery
2X100 all fast on :10 rest
300 easy recovery

Bike Workout:

#1: Quick and Dirty/ 45 mins 

15 min easy warm up

Main set:
5X(3 min all out/3 min easy)

All out it all out!

I love this workout as it is only 45 mins and you get a solid amount of threshold work inside each interval:

#2: Ladder 

Warm Up 15 min then go

1 min all out/5 min easy
1 min all out/4 min easy
1 min all out/3 min easy
1 min all out/2 min easy
1 min all out/1 min easy

Run Workouts:

Workout #1: 3x2 miles
2 miles Easy
2 miles Ironman pace
2 miles easy

Workout #2: 45 mins 
15 min easy pace
15 min ironman pace
15 min 1/2 ironman pace


Total body Workout - Pick an exercise per each body part in the following fashion:

3 Circuits
1. chest, back, legs, abs
2. triceps, biceps, legs, abs
3. shoulders, back, legs, abs
Do 3 sets of 15 reps of each circuit

Remember you don't need a lot of time each day in the winter to train, the key is just getting out and doing 30mins-1 hour each day.

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