March 3, 2019

- Throw away your watch (we don’t have any Garmin sponsorship, do we?) ☺ Where road is a bit more pace predictable, the trails are not.  The terrain, elevation, weather are all factors that affect pace.  For most all runners, their average pace on the trails is slower than roads and less consistent per mile. 

- Power hiking is part of running….  If you find yourself running through hilly, mountainous terrain with sometimes steep grade, the effort you will put forth in trying to “run” will not be worth the matches you burn to keep that effort up.

- That being said.. power hiking is not walking.  Learning to power hike up hills is a skill which will need practice to perfect and become efficient.

- This is a sport in which trail shoes are a necessity, not a nicety unless you are running on hard packed flat trails or gravel.   So you can tell your accountant, this is a approved purchase  ☺  winner winner!!

- Toilet paper.. pack it… just trust me on this one!

- The snacks are better at the aid stations…. Bacon, grilled cheese, bourbon shots (not every race but down south we love our bourbon).  Although runners do use gels, bars and liquids (like our Infinit and Bonk Breakers), when running a longer race (50K +) , real food often becomes a part of your nutrition and hydration strategy.

10 years ago, as I ran my trail race, my thoughts were “that was nice but not for me”.  What started as off-season fun from Ironman the first few years, has grown into a year-round obsession.  With children in school sports, Ironman training was growing harder for me to work around swim & cross country meets.  To save my sanity and marriage, I found myself gravitating to off road ultras which I found the training to be easier to work into my schedule than tris had been.  Since then I’ve been from Georgia to Utah racing & pacing ultras and finding new crazy races.  This year’s A race will be Leadville 100.  After a medical pull delayed me at Hopes Pass in 2018, I’m coming back this year with a glimmer in my eye.  However, I did meet a man in Leadville that might look familiar (along with two most awesome Sexies who came to crew for me!!)  

The trail community is just that.. a community.  No matter your race distance or achievements, you find a home on the trail.  That’s why I’m so excited to see BSR extending into the trail world.  That same feeling of family and fun I’ve seen and felt from BSR, is what I’ve found in ultra running community.  

Trail races can vary in distance, terrain, weather and elevation.  With some many factors, dialing in your equipment is key to success on the trails.  I’ll fill you in on some of my favs as the months go by.. starting with one of my favorite things.. SHOES!  

Just as you have different cassettes & wheels for different courses, you have several pairs of trail shoes to cover different terrain and conditions

For wet/muddy courses -  My go to shoe is the Inov-8 Mudclaw.  The 8 mm lugs on the bottom of the shoe, combined with the grippy sole keep your foot in contact with the trails when the conditions are muddy and slick.  These shoes drain well in wet conditions.  The fit is snug through the heel and arch, while still allowing your toes room to spread.  

For hard packed trails, the Inov-8 TrailTalon 250 is my go to shoe!  With the same fit (snug heel/arch and sufficient toe box) as the Mudclaw, they are comfortable fit.  The minimal drop and lack of heavy padding make this shoe  a good choice for races 50 miles and less.  The talons have a nice grip (I’d describe them as sticky) on rocky surfaces and the lacing system stays snug without cutting off circulation.  

For distances over 50 miles in length, I’m still experimenting with various models to find the perfect combo of snug fit in the heel/arch, adequate cushioning to keep the soles of your feet happy on the longer races without feeling like you are running in marshmallows .  One of my “highly like” category is the Hoka One Torrents.  The fit is fairly snug however the overall sizing on the shoe runs to the larger size and I will try sizing down ½ a size on my next pair. The Hoka One Torrent in action at Leadville 100 last August.

Of course, we can't forget Newton, the only shoe worn by Big Sexy even as he has ventured off road. Chris wore the Motion 8 in his last 3 Ultra distance events, Bear Chase, Pass Mountain and most recently Ultraman Florida where he set the course record in his Newtons.
More to come as I tackle the road to Leadville once more.  Until then, happy trails to you!

See ya on the dark side,

by Kris Vance




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March 3, 2019

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March 3, 2019

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March 3, 2019

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Jan. 27, 2019

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