Cobb serves any cyclist (road, mountain, triathlon or commuter) from entry level to World Champion. They can help riders that are challenged in performing their chosen sport experiencing saddle discomfort, saddles sores, muscle or soft tissue issues. Inefficient fit dynamics relating to saddle issues can greatly reduce the cycling experience and performance, and riders will benefit greatly from Cobb's technologies.


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Official casual wear of Big Sexy Racing



Official Casual Wear Of Big Sexy Racing

Bobbe Greenberg

Cobb Cycling
"I LOVE my COBB! I've had a Cobb saddle for three years. During this time I've enjoyed week-long cycling trips, multi-hours on a stationery trainer, century rides, and Ironman races. While I wish I was faster, I can't complain about the distance, because I experience zero discomfort. In fact, my most recent bicycle split took me over seven hours, yet I never took my foot off the pedal This saddle truly makes riding a pleasure!"

Paolo Stasi

Cobb Cycling
"I deal directly with the owner when I was looking for new saddle, got plenty of advices and magade to pick the right saddle I need. The after sales customer service is a big plus for me."

Bryan Lamb

Cobb Cycling Products
"Hands down, the best saddles in the business. Beyond that, they have innovative equipment to help the triathlete cyclist reach their greatest potential. Couple an excellent product with unmatched customer service, and there really is no need to look elsewhere for your saddle needs."

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