Quintana Roo (QR) is excited to announce the Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald will race at the Ironman World Championships on QR’s new flagship bike, the PRsix.



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Curt Cotner

Quintana Roo
"Admittedly the PR Six (2016) is the first tri bike that I have ever owned but not the first that I have raced/ridden. I've been on more expensive bikes and I can honestly say, my bike is faster and more comfortable for me than the others. Personally I am able to ride faster for longer distances than I have in the past. At 45 years old I was able to average 24.25 mph for 56 miles and still have the legs to run 1:26 for a half marathon. I believe I owe a lot of that to having the right tool and my PR Six is definitely the right tool. "

Andrea Hillman

Quintanaroo Bikes
"Being part of the BSR team has granted me so many neat opportunities, one of which was to be introduced to new products from our amazing sponsors. I have been on the market for a new bike for a few months before joining and then I learned that QR was a sponsor. I purchased a PRFive Ultegra Di2 Race and immediately fell in love with the bike. It is amazing how much a great bike makes a difference in your training and performance. The customer service I received from the folks at QR was incredible as well not only through the purchase process but even afterwards when I saw them at races. By far one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have made in my triathlon career and I am SO SO happy with it. Proud to be part of this team and of our incredible sponsors. Love to all the QR team and thanks for all you do!"

Jodi O'Shea

Sponsors /coaching
"I am in my second year with Big Sexy Racing and I appreciate the support from the sponsors . PhD nutrition products , Bonk Breaker & beetperformer have been terrific with nutritional support, blue seventy helix is amazing, Quintanaroo with fantastic bikes & Reynolds wheels.Newton running shoes for the great customer support and fast kicks. Ogio bags keep all my gear in check.

I also use BSR coaching and couldn't be happier with the opportunity to work with my coach who has been totally invested in me and my success. The results have been awesome and I will only continue to improve as we work together as a team. The coaching programs are personalized and adapted to me.
The entire experience with Big Sexy Racing and all the sponsors & coaching has far exceeded any expectations . "

Michael Gutierrez

Big Sexy Racing and sponsors
"This is my second year with Big Sexy Racing and it's been the best decision I've made . The support from this team and sponsors is AMAZING ! I recently purchased a PR FIVE from Quintana Roo and the support has been great from day one . I've have used Chilis , Rubys Lube , PHD nutrition , Zeal , Newton , Reynolds wheels products and services . They have gone above and beyond to help me out with anything I need . One more sponsor that I would like to thank is Big Sexy Gear for creating our awesome Performance apperal !


Jason ball

BSR sponsors
"The sponsors of BSR are unmatched. Quintana Roo PR6 is hands down the best bike I have ever raced. Not to mention their customer service is phenomenal.

Reynolds racing wheels are top of the line. They replaced my Zipps and I haven't looked back.

As for Team BSR. We might be spread across the globe. But we a select group of individuals that hold the meaning of team to highest form. We train and race together. Backgrounds don't matter because we all come to be family. And I hope Get to keep the BSR representation for many years to come.


Lisa Rehberg

Quintana Roo
"We are so fortunate to have the best sponsors in the world of triathlon! Through the years of racing I've been on many brands of bikes, but my Quintana Roo PRsix has been my favorite bike by far! So comfortable and a smooth ride! Not to mention a "sexy" bike!"

Ryan Glover

BigSexyRacing Sponsors
"I cannot say enough about the BSR sponsors for 2016. I came into this season with personal goals and I feel that those goals were supported fully by our sponsors. Throughout the season, I feel like all have contributed to our success as a team. I cannot say enough about the folks at Quintana Roo and Reynolds Cycling, who have been key to my performance this year. Their products are amazing and work perfectly together. Just recently I was able to purchase PowerTap P1 pedals, after having been a Quarq rider for years. I can honestly say I would never go back! And last, but not least, Normatec Recovery. I go everywhere with my Normatec Pulse Leg & Hip Recovery System. Their product is a game changer in recovery and the addition of the hip and glute extensions have really helped me in recovering after the long runs and rides during Ironman training."

Melinda Oldroyd

Big Sexy Racing
"This is my first year on the BSR team and it has been fantastic! The sponsors are all wonderful and take great care of us as athletes. Ranging from meals at Chilis, saddles from Cobb, data from PowerTap to the awesome bikes from Quintana Roo, they've treated me like a professional triathlete!

The team itself is made up of some of the best people around the world. We come from different ages, experiences and abilities; but we treat each other as family. Other then my local tri group, I've never felt so accepted, inspired or laughed so much. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team!! "

Sherry Rowland

Quintana Roo/Precision Bikes
"As a late in life athlete with most of my spine fused, I did not believe that it was possible for me to ride at all, least of all in comfort, on a Tri Bike. With the excellent fit provided by Precision Bikes on my PR5, I have been proven delightfully wrong. I love, love, love my PR5 and my legs really love the lack of fatigue I feel when I start my run off the bike. Thank you!!!"

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