Premium Training Plans ($150 to $300/month)

It’s about understanding your potential and desire. It’s also about being able to teach and push just the right amount. It’s about knowing your weaknesses and strengths as an athlete and helping develop you to your potential. If you are unsure of which coach to apply for, use this form and we will be in touch to discuss. If you do have a preference for a coach, scroll down to subscribe.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Hand-built training plan
  • Adjust your schedule as often as needed
  • Same day response
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • account
  • Access to coaches via private forum, email, text, phone and Skype
  • Access to monthly live Q & A show and video training library

NOTE: Applying or subscribing for membership does not guarantee coaching with specific coaches. We will follow up with an application and payment plan and do our best to accommodate.


Bobbe Greenberg

"Who doesn't love Chili's? With irresistible margaritas, it's always a party! Food is delicious with amazing healthy and nutritious options. That it's a fantastic value, makes this a great family option."

Terrance Ramirez

"I've been wearing Newton running shoes and I love them. The Newton Distance Elites are great for speed work and racing. Light and responsive, they'll make you feel like you're flying because you are."

Rebecca Bourque

"Absolutely love, love my Newton running shoes. The first pair I bought were a 1/2 size too small but Newton swappted them out and now I am running pretty in my pink Newton Fate Pop 2s.

Lisa Christensen

PHD Nutrition
"I have struggled to find the right race day nutrition for years. After spending sometime e-mailing with one of their representatives (this is so appreciated!) I figured out how to utilize liquid only nutrition for the bike portion of Ironman and it worked beautifully. Great products and even greater customer service!"

Michael Weyant

K2 Summit 20 Cooler
"Hands-down the best cooler I've ever had. The perfect size for tailgating or post workout food and drinks. The K2 cooler will keep stuff cold for a couple days with a single icing. "

Ben Miller

"I have to admit I quit going to Chili's many years ago. We had a team dinner there last year and I was completely blown away. Great atmosphere, family friendly and a huge list of favorite meals plus actual meals for athletes that are required to fuel properly. It has become a staple for my family and we are so happy to have a new go-to place with healthy options!"

Melinda Oldroyd

PhD Nutrition
"I can't say enough about these guys! The products are amazing! I've always had trouble feeling "sloshy" when transferring from bike to run; or running out of steam because my nutrition wasn't good enough. With these products I haven't had any of those issues! Not only are the products great but the customer service is incredible!! Always willing to help and offer advice. Best company ever!!! Thank you "

Chris McDonald

Professional Triathlete
"FINIS simplifies swimming training for all athletes, but especially for triathletes. As an athlete who only learned to swim at 24 years of age, swimming requires a lot of attention for me and FINIS simplifies things and keeps me on top of my game. "

Laurent Painchaud

"In full transparency, BSR is both my client and my coach. That being said, there is no denying the results. Chris McDonald and the team at Big Sexy Racing are transforming this 40+ husband, dad and entrepreneur into a real contender. I gave the mandate to Chris that I want to get to Kona and I'm fully confident that he's going to deliver. We don't get caught up in all of the minutiae of the data, but I know that it's all there embedded in my plan. The BSRX prescription is clear, adaptive and fits my busy schedule like a glove. The work is hard, trust me, but the rewards are worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears! "

Brett Hill

"When I began I was a middle of the pack athlete, with an IM best of just over 11 hours and a HIM best of 5:08. Over the previous two years we’ve worked together and had a lot of fun, but also had some great results. I’ve been able to take my IM time to under 9 hours and record a HIM PB of 4:15 on a hilly course!"

Water Resistant Windbreaker


Official BSR Gear Worn By Top Coaches Worldwide

Women's Turquoise Poly Zip Hoodie


As seen on course worn by the BSRmy



Official BSR T-Shirt



For all the aspiring Iron Kids out there

Endurance 9.0



KASK Bambino Pro


Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $300/month

Plans starting from $300 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $300/month

Plans starting from $300 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $200/month - Unlimited Communication

Plans starting from $200 a month with UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $150/month

Plans starting at $150 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $150/month

Plans starting at $150 a month