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During Chris’ athletic career he’s had the chance to work alongside some of the greatest coaches and athletes in the sport of triathlon: Scott Molina, Dave Scott, Brett Sutton and Elliot Bassett just to name a few. Chris offers a very personal based coaching package and likes to work with motivated and driven people. He coaches athletes from all ranges of ability and age. He finds they all have one thing in common: driven to achieve goals. That may be to achieve the midnight cut-off, get a Hawaii slot, or for some, to dip under that magical nine-hour barrier.

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  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
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“Each person has their own personality and habits. I feel it is my job to find your blind spots and help you improve, while also pointing out your good habits and further growing them. Too many people focus on their fast bike or run, all too often to falling short of their actual triathlon goal. I like to focus on triathlon as a sport in itself and develop an athlete to reach their goals in as a total package-from start line to finish line. If you don’t push your limits, you set your limits.” — Chris McDonald


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Official casual wear of Big Sexy Racing


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Official Casual Wear Of Big Sexy Racing


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White and Black Flexfit Cap with Chain ring logo

Endurance 9.0

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KASK Infinity Helmet

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Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.


Keir Semmens

"My FINIS hand paddles have transformed my swim stroke and cut several minutes from my race times. By promoting correct hand entry, catch and pull technique, they can help any swimmer slice through the water more efficiently. They are such an essential tool for my swim training, I won't travel without them!"

Terrance Ramirez

Blue Seventy
"I've been wearing the hydra-vision goggles for open water swimming and racing and I love them. The field of view is great. They cut down on the sun glare and make sighting easy."

Jodi Newman

Bonk breaker
"Can't say enough about these delicious life saving bars of goodness.
They are not too heavy or dense and the flavor choices are amazing!
Something I actually look forward to eating while training.

Matt Diehl

Team BSR Sponsors
"I can't say enough about this team or its sponsors. I've been in constant contact with Seth from Cobb cycling , from saddles to short cranks they've been nothing short of amazing in helping me. PHD nutrition has completely changed my nutrition game and simplified it, zero GI issues and zero bonk! From my Blue Seventy wetsuit (absolutely the most shoulder mobility I have ever found in a suit) to my Powertap C1 power meter I have been able to progress much quicker as an athlete! "

Keith O'Connell

"I ride the Reynolds Aero 72 and I can honestly say these wheels are the best race wheels I have ever used (and I have used a lot). I can hold my power with less effort and accelerate with ease. Plus these wheels have not needed any maintenance and I have tested it. I weigh 240 lbs and they are still as true as the day I go them. Just Awesome!"

Jodi Newman

Big sexy sponsors
"So far every sponsor has been amazing. Great discounts for us, and great codes to share with friends and family members. They take care of us as team members and support the team like nothing I have ever encountered before.
They go out of their way to get us products and supplements when we need them for races!!
All in all I am thrilled to be on this team and have the opportunity to promote such great companies!
Hoping we can continue a relationship with them in 2017!! "

Ben Miller

K2 Coolers
"there is nothing I appreciate more than a cold drink. My family says I'm addicted to ice and I'm sure my dentist will thank me for that someday. I live in Arizona and nothing can survive the heat here. If you leave anything In your car, it's done for by means of melting or boiling. I always love taking a cold drink with me but I hate carrying it in stores. Whatever stuff the put in the walls of these mugs can keep ice solid for several hours inside a car when it's over 105 degrees outside. It's completely unreal! Not to mention the look is very sexy and the lid mechanism actually works while being easy to clean. I love my mug!"

Elaine gower

PhD nutrition Cda.
"Great products. I use glyco durance Pharma greens battery vegan pure and whey protein and diet whey. All of the products are made with Grade A ingredients. The flavors also really tasty. "

Chad Bunting

Big Sexy Racing Sponsors
"Without a doubt, BSR has the best sponsors an athlete could ever ask for. Every sponsor that I have worked with has had unbelievable customer service and outstanding products. PhD Nutrition has filled the missing link in my race plans by providing amazing products AND incredible advice and support. Cobb Cycling along with Ruby's Lube keeps my most important "parts" comfortable and happy and I will never ride another saddle or slather another cream. Powertap allows me to make huge gains in my cycling and Normatec Recovery boots are the best thing since sliced bread! Everyone comments about how awesome my Ogio bags are and I can't stop eating at Chili's. Thank you Reynolds for sexy wheels and Ashworth Awards for awesome bling. Love this team and ALL of it's sponsors. THANK YOU!!!"

Darren Smith

Rubys Lube
"I have used many chamois creams over the years but I've never been happier than when using Ruby's Lube. I have always put Chamois cream on before my swim in every race but they never seemed to last beyond T1. Ruby's doesn't have that problem"



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