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During Chris’ athletic career he’s had the chance to work alongside some of the greatest coaches and athletes in the sport of triathlon: Scott Molina, Dave Scott, Brett Sutton and Elliot Bassett just to name a few. Chris offers a very personal based coaching package and likes to work with motivated and driven people. He coaches athletes from all ranges of ability and age. He finds they all have one thing in common: driven to achieve goals. That may be to achieve the midnight cut-off, get a Hawaii slot, or for some, to dip under that magical nine-hour barrier.

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“Each person has their own personality and habits. I feel it is my job to find your blind spots and help you improve, while also pointing out your good habits and further growing them. Too many people focus on their fast bike or run, all too often to falling short of their actual triathlon goal. I like to focus on triathlon as a sport in itself and develop an athlete to reach their goals in as a total package-from start line to finish line. If you don’t push your limits, you set your limits.” — Chris McDonald


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"Until I found the Element by Blueseventy I hunted for months trying to find a comfortable but fast goggle that can be used in the pool or the open water. I spent more than double that the element cost but got nowhere near the performance, consistency and comfort. "

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"There really are no words that can describe how amazing this product is.!! 1st off the company itself is fantastic. Always willing to answer any of my questions, no matter how silly they may be. The product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use them every night, travel with them and cannot live without them. I don't care how many looks i get in an airport. This product has saved me so much money on having to get a massage every two weeks during the season. Thank you so much. "

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Big Sexy Racing & Sponsors
"Team/Family. It is really hard to not consider them one in the same with Big Sexy Racing.

The sponsors of above and beyond and make everyone feel like a pro athlete. Ph D. Nutrition took the time to help formulate nutrition for training and racing that I could not find with any other product line.

QR Bikes - They take care of everything for you to be race ready on their bikes. They are fast to respond with any questions.

Newton -
I could not imagine running on any other shoe. The Distance series is perfect for training and racing. Newton customer service is 2nd to none.

Jodi Newman

Bonk breaker
"Can't say enough about these delicious life saving bars of goodness.
They are not too heavy or dense and the flavor choices are amazing!
Something I actually look forward to eating while training.

Lisa Rehberg

Quintana Roo
"We are so fortunate to have the best sponsors in the world of triathlon! Through the years of racing I've been on many brands of bikes, but my Quintana Roo PRsix has been my favorite bike by far! So comfortable and a smooth ride! Not to mention a "sexy" bike!"

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Blue Seventy Wetsuits
"Love my Blue Seventy! Have both the Helix and the PS4 swim skin. Best out there by far and I've tried LOTS of different brands before. "

Christopher Fischer

Newton Running
"I didnt run in Newtons until I joined BSR. Upon obtaining my first pair of Distance 2's my whole Idea of running changed. It went from the third and boring part of the race to my favorite event. Newton shoes have made running fun again because they are comfortable and long lasting. I can get easily 250+ miles out of each shoe. Newton running creates a strong stable, breathable product. "

Paolo Stasi

Cobb Cycling
"I deal directly with the owner when I was looking for new saddle, got plenty of advices and magade to pick the right saddle I need. The after sales customer service is a big plus for me."

Terry Wilson

All Sponsors
"Prior to becoming a member, I always used the products such as Chili's, K2 Coolers, and Ruby's Lube. Now I promote them even more. The products are something to believe in. I have two sets of Reynolds wheels. K2 Coolers is a small company that has a product to believe in. Precision Bikes has Mark Miller which is just a great person and professional bike fitter. He doesn't sell bikes, he sells happiness on the bike. Normatec Boots make my recovery game so much sharper in contrast to when I don't use them. I use my Finis swim gear every single time when I hit the pool. I mean after all they are the number one swim gear manufacturer. I have a Cobb Fifty-Five saddle, I never knew what it was like to truly enjoy riding on a bike until I got that saddle. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't make me sore or anything. Ruby's Lube is the only anti-chafe cream on the market that you do not have to reapply after hours of use and get this, you can actually pronounce everything in it. I support all of these sponsors weekly through social media posts. I look forward to many years ahead with this team. I feel like the sponsors believe in the athletes just as much as the athletes believe in their products. I know I have been lifted to a new level while using all of the sponsored products. After all, we are all chasing after that Medal by Ashworth Awards! "

Elaine gower

PhD nutrition Cda.
"Great products. I use glyco durance Pharma greens battery vegan pure and whey protein and diet whey. All of the products are made with Grade A ingredients. The flavors also really tasty. "



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