Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $250/month

Coached athletes from beginners to elite; from first time triathlon or marathon finishers to qualifying for Ironman Hawaii and Boston Marathon.

IRONMAN Certified Coach.
USAT Triahtlon Certified Coach.
USA Cycling Certified Coach.
Piliates, Spinning and Group Training Certification.
CPR and First Aid Certified.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
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Seven time Hawaii Ironman World Championship qualifier and finisher.
20 time Ironman finisher.
2009, 2012, 2103 and 2014 Ironman Louisville Division Champion.
15+ Marathons, 15 time Boston Marathon qualifer and 40+ Half Ironmans.
10 time USA All American Triathlete Ranking. 2 Time USA All American Duathlete Ranking.
First Place Division All World Gold Ranking- WTC 2013 Ironman 70.3.
2013, 2014 and 2015 Ironman All World Gold Ranking.

Favorite quote: "You can't finish what you don't start"

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Bobbe Greenberg

Ice Friction Technology
"I could tell immediately that I was riding smoother and easier with Ice Friction Technology. The quiet and the "flying-like-feel" enhanced my overall cycling experience on the hot lava fields of Kona. As an older athlete, I'm embracing all advantages, and this did not disappoint. Their product and service were fantastic! "

Curt Cotner

Quintana Roo
"Admittedly the PR Six (2016) is the first tri bike that I have ever owned but not the first that I have raced/ridden. I've been on more expensive bikes and I can honestly say, my bike is faster and more comfortable for me than the others. Personally I am able to ride faster for longer distances than I have in the past. At 45 years old I was able to average 24.25 mph for 56 miles and still have the legs to run 1:26 for a half marathon. I believe I owe a lot of that to having the right tool and my PR Six is definitely the right tool. "

Terrance Ramirez

"I've been wearing Newton running shoes and I love them. The Newton Distance Elites are great for speed work and racing. Light and responsive, they'll make you feel like you're flying because you are."

Rebecca Bourque

"Absolutely love, love my Newton running shoes. The first pair I bought were a 1/2 size too small but Newton swappted them out and now I am running pretty in my pink Newton Fate Pop 2s.

Michelle Orgill

rubys lube
"Prior to using Rubys lube I was plagued with blisters, chafing, even saddle sores. I now use Rubys for every ride, run, and open water swim and have zero issues! It washes out of clothing and doesn't stain performance fabric! It also smells amazing! "

Vicky Tiase

Cobb Cycling
"I've been racing for over 15 years and have struggled with finding the 'right' saddle. Once I was introduced to the v-flow, my high mileage work improved and my saddle sores diminished. It's great to work with sponsors that take the time to answer questions and support athletes to the fullest. Thanks to BSR for partnering with top notch products and sponsors!"

Kris Cordova

"After years of claiming that I couldn't swim in a fullsleeve wetsuit, the flexible, durable Helix made me a believer. I also love blueseventy's entire line of comfy goggles and cute, fast practice swimsuits...I'm rushing to place another order as we speak! "

Greg Witherow

"Training with power has really taken my cycling to another level and I can always rely on my PowerTap pedals to give accurate feedback to dial in my training and racing! Easy to use and very durable - you can't go wrong with PowerTap!!!"

Ben Miller

"I am a bigger framed man and as such I require a lot of calories. for years and years I suffered nutrition difficulty in 70.3 and especially 140.6 distance races. it was always a balance of an empty tank or stomach lockup from too much. Glyco durance and battery have completely eliminated my issues. Easy to mix and I can put all my food needs in two simple bottles. No stomach issues any longer!!! Engineered with an endurance athlete in mind. "