Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $250/month

Coached athletes from beginners to elite; from first time triathlon or marathon finishers to qualifying for Ironman Hawaii and Boston Marathon.

IRONMAN Certified Coach.
USAT Triahtlon Certified Coach.
USA Cycling Certified Coach.
Piliates, Spinning and Group Training Certification.
CPR and First Aid Certified.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
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Seven time Hawaii Ironman World Championship qualifier and finisher.
20 time Ironman finisher.
2009, 2012, 2103 and 2014 Ironman Louisville Division Champion.
15+ Marathons, 15 time Boston Marathon qualifer and 40+ Half Ironmans.
10 time USA All American Triathlete Ranking. 2 Time USA All American Duathlete Ranking.
First Place Division All World Gold Ranking- WTC 2013 Ironman 70.3.
2013, 2014 and 2015 Ironman All World Gold Ranking.

Favorite quote: "You can't finish what you don't start"

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Francis Asprodites

BSR Sponsors
"The sponsors of Big Sexy Racing have the most fantastic customer service. Beet Performer and PhD Nutrition keep my body filled with nutrients to be ready for race day. Finis googles and Blue Seventy swim skin get me through the swim. Bonk Breakers, Ice Friction, Power Tap, Kask and PhD Nutrition keep me hydrated, safe and ready to take on the run. Newton shoes keep some pep in my step for the run while keeping energy high with bonk breaker chews. All of this being done with Big Sexy Gear and Ruby's Lube to keep the body comfortable. Thanks to all the sponsors! They are amazing!"

Adam Hall

"Until I found the Element by Blueseventy I hunted for months trying to find a comfortable but fast goggle that can be used in the pool or the open water. I spent more than double that the element cost but got nowhere near the performance, consistency and comfort. "

Jimmy Lockie

"There really are no words that can describe how amazing this product is.!! 1st off the company itself is fantastic. Always willing to answer any of my questions, no matter how silly they may be. The product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use them every night, travel with them and cannot live without them. I don't care how many looks i get in an airport. This product has saved me so much money on having to get a massage every two weeks during the season. Thank you so much. "

Tom Lang

Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer
"Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer are the winning combination. I have switched over to both before all long rides and pre races. Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer give me the base i need to have a solid race/ride."

Jason Reinhardt

"The first thing that got me to notice newtons were the colors. After trying several out I finally found the perfect training and racing shoes for me. I LOVE the Distance Elites."

Jodi Newman

Bonk breaker
"Can't say enough about these delicious life saving bars of goodness.
They are not too heavy or dense and the flavor choices are amazing!
Something I actually look forward to eating while training.

Keith O'Connell

"Purchased the pulse system after a tough Ironman Vineman. My recovery has been significantly faster than previous ironmans. Hardest part of training for me is recovery and with my Normatec I can recover way faster. Only problem in my house if who gets to use the them first! "

Ben Miller

K2 Coolers
"there is nothing I appreciate more than a cold drink. My family says I'm addicted to ice and I'm sure my dentist will thank me for that someday. I live in Arizona and nothing can survive the heat here. If you leave anything In your car, it's done for by means of melting or boiling. I always love taking a cold drink with me but I hate carrying it in stores. Whatever stuff the put in the walls of these mugs can keep ice solid for several hours inside a car when it's over 105 degrees outside. It's completely unreal! Not to mention the look is very sexy and the lid mechanism actually works while being easy to clean. I love my mug!"

Christopher Fischer

Newton Running
"I didnt run in Newtons until I joined BSR. Upon obtaining my first pair of Distance 2's my whole Idea of running changed. It went from the third and boring part of the race to my favorite event. Newton shoes have made running fun again because they are comfortable and long lasting. I can get easily 250+ miles out of each shoe. Newton running creates a strong stable, breathable product. "

Brett Hill

"When I began I was a middle of the pack athlete, with an IM best of just over 11 hours and a HIM best of 5:08. Over the previous two years we’ve worked together and had a lot of fun, but also had some great results. I’ve been able to take my IM time to under 9 hours and record a HIM PB of 4:15 on a hilly course!"



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Special Edition Louisiana Strong Big Shorts and Cycling Jerseys are available in our other store.


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