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Our Dynamic Coaching plan is built on decades of experience and training acumen, however if you are looking for one-on-one advice and motivation, we suggest that you consider applying directly for one of our highly qualified coaches.



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Bobbe Greenberg

Ice Friction Technology
"I could tell immediately that I was riding smoother and easier with Ice Friction Technology. The quiet and the "flying-like-feel" enhanced my overall cycling experience on the hot lava fields of Kona. As an older athlete, I'm embracing all advantages, and this did not disappoint. Their product and service were fantastic! "

Bobbe Greenberg

Ruby's Lube
"I used Ruby's Lube all season, for every cycling session including four hour rides on an indoor trainer, and all century rides (7+ hours) leading up to my Ironman World Championship race. I am thrilled to say, I have remained non-irritated and chafe free! What I hadn't anticipated was an abrasion under my arm and on my neck after the 2.4 mile ocean salt- water swim. This had never happened in training, so I saw no need in applying any product in advance. Luckily, I had my Ruby's Lube! Not only does it smell delicious while soothing, my "wounds" disappeared over night! This multi-use product is also a wonderful lip balm. You'll love it! "

Terrance Ramirez

Blue Seventy
"I've been wearing the hydra-vision goggles for open water swimming and racing and I love them. The field of view is great. They cut down on the sun glare and make sighting easy."

Jodi O'Shea

Sponsors /coaching
"I am in my second year with Big Sexy Racing and I appreciate the support from the sponsors . PhD nutrition products , Bonk Breaker & beetperformer have been terrific with nutritional support, blue seventy helix is amazing, Quintanaroo with fantastic bikes & Reynolds wheels.Newton running shoes for the great customer support and fast kicks. Ogio bags keep all my gear in check.

I also use BSR coaching and couldn't be happier with the opportunity to work with my coach who has been totally invested in me and my success. The results have been awesome and I will only continue to improve as we work together as a team. The coaching programs are personalized and adapted to me.
The entire experience with Big Sexy Racing and all the sponsors & coaching has far exceeded any expectations . "

Michelle Orgill

rubys lube
"Prior to using Rubys lube I was plagued with blisters, chafing, even saddle sores. I now use Rubys for every ride, run, and open water swim and have zero issues! It washes out of clothing and doesn't stain performance fabric! It also smells amazing! "

Jason ball

"I take my Ogio luggage with me where ever I go. I travel a lot for work and my bag is filled to the max. It takes a beating but i never worry about the durability. Very reliable. Thank you Ogio"

Eddie Carvallo

Big Sexy Gear
"After doing triathlons for many years, I never thought you supposed to feel comfortable on the bike. The custom bike kits & tri suits are the most comfortable ones that I have tried. The quality & service is second to none. Plus the short sleeve tri suit is the best thing to wear for any triathlon. Thank you for everything!!!"

Greg Witherow

"Training with power has really taken my cycling to another level and I can always rely on my PowerTap pedals to give accurate feedback to dial in my training and racing! Easy to use and very durable - you can't go wrong with PowerTap!!!"

Terry Wilson

All Sponsors
"Prior to becoming a member, I always used the products such as Chili's, K2 Coolers, and Ruby's Lube. Now I promote them even more. The products are something to believe in. I have two sets of Reynolds wheels. K2 Coolers is a small company that has a product to believe in. Precision Bikes has Mark Miller which is just a great person and professional bike fitter. He doesn't sell bikes, he sells happiness on the bike. Normatec Boots make my recovery game so much sharper in contrast to when I don't use them. I use my Finis swim gear every single time when I hit the pool. I mean after all they are the number one swim gear manufacturer. I have a Cobb Fifty-Five saddle, I never knew what it was like to truly enjoy riding on a bike until I got that saddle. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't make me sore or anything. Ruby's Lube is the only anti-chafe cream on the market that you do not have to reapply after hours of use and get this, you can actually pronounce everything in it. I support all of these sponsors weekly through social media posts. I look forward to many years ahead with this team. I feel like the sponsors believe in the athletes just as much as the athletes believe in their products. I know I have been lifted to a new level while using all of the sponsored products. After all, we are all chasing after that Medal by Ashworth Awards! "


"Racing with BSR changed my entire mentality on race nutrition. Between PhD Nutrion, Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer, I'm racing stronger than ever before!"



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KASK Infinity Helmet


Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.

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Plans ranging from $150-$300 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $300/month

Plans starting from $300 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $300/month

Plans starting from $300 a month


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Plans starting from $200 a month with UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $150/month

Plans starting at $150 a month


Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $150/month

Plans starting at $150 a month