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The science involved in strength training and performance encompasses a wide variety of skills. Personal training and coaching became the perfect challenge for Harold. He achieved a handful of top tier certifications for strength training and endurance sports coaching, and has over 10 years’ experience in personal training, coaching, and competing. Harold is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and training many clients with a variety of goals that range from racing triathlons and marathons to general fitness and weight loss.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
  • TrainingPeaks account
  • Access to private forums

After you apply here with Harold, we will send you a detailed athlete questionnaire and arrange for a one-on-one meeting.




Harold Wilson has a bachelors in Kinesiology, the science of Human Movement, and holds certifications from USA Triathlon, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems. Triathlon has been his passion for over 15 years with the focus being coaching for over 10 years. Harold’s coaching philosophy in entrenched in the ABC’s. Attitude, Balance, Consistency.



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Bobbe Greenberg

Cobb Cycling
"I LOVE my COBB! I've had a Cobb saddle for three years. During this time I've enjoyed week-long cycling trips, multi-hours on a stationery trainer, century rides, and Ironman races. While I wish I was faster, I can't complain about the distance, because I experience zero discomfort. In fact, my most recent bicycle split took me over seven hours, yet I never took my foot off the pedal This saddle truly makes riding a pleasure!"

Jon Kolb

PHD Nutrition
"I cant say enough good things about PHD Nutrition. I had been struggling on like bike rides and now that I have tried PHD, I won't use anything else. Thanks for a great product"

Terrance Ramirez

"I've been wearing Newton running shoes and I love them. The Newton Distance Elites are great for speed work and racing. Light and responsive, they'll make you feel like you're flying because you are."

Paul Morrison

Big Sexy Racing/Sponsors
"2016 has been my first season as part of the Big Sexy team/family, and all I can say is that it has been an amazing experience, far exceeding my expectations. Even though I have not personally met many members of this team, I consider them friends and I am proud to toe the line with each and every one of them. Led by Chris McDonald, the Big Sexy himself, who provides us with great expertise and leads by his wonderful example of what it means to give everything to both your racing and your family. Erika is the glue that holds everything together, and I don't think you could find a kinder, more patient human being on the planet!

I have been working with BSRx3 Coaching this season, and have been very pleased with the results thus far! I finally have more structure to my training and the coaches are always happy to dole out advice and personalize the plan to fit my schedule and goals. I'm very excited to see what next season holds after I've had a full year of working under their tutelage!

The support we get from our sponsors is 2nd to none, and it's honestly not even close. Not a single one of us would openly support a product that we wouldn't use ourselves, and that just isn't an issue with the sponsors we have! The products they put out are amazing, and the customer service they provide is the best in the business! Newton Running, Blue Seventy, Ruby's Lube, PhD Nutrition, Chili's, Beet Performer, ICE Friction, Power Tap, K2 Coolers, Ogio, KASK helmets, NormaTec Recovery, Finis, Ashworth Awards, Bonk Breaker, Reynolds… and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, which I apologize for, but the list goes on and they are all amazing! Using their products this year, combined with the level of customer support they have provided when choosing which products to use and how to best use them, has made me a customer for life! Thank you to Big Sexy Racing and all our sponsors for making 2016 my best season yet, and I am confident that 2017 will be even better!!"

Jared F

PhD Nutrition
"PhD Nutriton products have single handedly increased my ability to train at higher levels. By providing me with the right supplements to have high intensity workouts, coupled with the right recovery tools, I am able to peak at the right time and sustain longer times at faster paces. This has allowed me to have one of my best seasons in years. "

Brent Cohen

Blue Seventy Wetsuits
"I have used several different wetsuits during my past 10 years of racing triathlon. Once I put on the Blue Seventy Helix, I knew there was a difference. More comfortable, easier to take off in transition and great flexibility in the shoulders. Just as important is their amazing customer service. They were willing to help with sizing questions and issues and took care of everything quickly!"

Ben Miller

ICE Friction Technologies
"When I built new Tri bikes for my wife and I, I wanted something special that would shave every critical minute off our races. To eliminate all friction and wasted watts, everything was replaced with ceramic. While wildly impressed I somehow never heard of these chains. The second I found out about them I ordered two up. Thinking it would just have a placebo effect, I was dead wrong. The chains operate so smoothly, perfect shifting and the drivetrain would actually spin just from the momentum built in the hub. These chains are the perfect compliment whether a beginner or an expert. The saved watts can be applied to the bike or saved for the run! "

Elaine gower

PhD nutrition Cda.
"Great products. I use glyco durance Pharma greens battery vegan pure and whey protein and diet whey. All of the products are made with Grade A ingredients. The flavors also really tasty. "

Daniel singer

Big sexy racing and sponsors
"BSR is more than a team of endurance's a supportive caring group of people that I'm proud to call my friends. "