Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $175/month

Karleen specializes in working with athletes of all levels and develops custom programs tailored to their goals. She understands life balance with work, family and training, and finds a ‘happy medium’ that works. She has been a coach with BSRX3 for 2 years.

After you sign-up with Karleen, we will send you a detailed questionnaire and arrange for a one-on-one meeting.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
  • Trainingpeaks account
  • Access to BSRX3 private forum
  • Training and race day nutritional guidance
  • Goal Planning
  • Sports psychology guidance

“I believe in a program that is consistent. Fitness builds over days, weeks, months and years. And, finding the perfect balance with work, family and training is critical.” — Karleen Dirmantas




Two-time World Championship finisher and 2010 IMAZ fourth place amateur


World Championship finisher and six-time top-five finisher


Six-time Boston Marathon qualifier and Tucson Marathon champion with a marathon PR of 3:04

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Adam Hall

"Until I found the Element by Blueseventy I hunted for months trying to find a comfortable but fast goggle that can be used in the pool or the open water. I spent more than double that the element cost but got nowhere near the performance, consistency and comfort. "

Adam Hall

"Until I found the Element by Blueseventy I hunted for months trying to find a comfortable but fast goggle that can be used in the pool or the open water. I spent more than double that the element cost but got nowhere near the performance, consistency and comfort. "

Brandon Dombrowski

Sponsors and BSR
"As a whole the team is awesome! We all get along, the daily posts and conversations are ether fun, informative or both! Chris and Erika have done an amazing job keeping all the ducks in line. And the sponsors... customer service has been top notch and the products provided have been even better! I use all of them and couuldnt be happier."

Michael Benz

"PhD and Bonk Breakers have helped me conquer my GI issues. The best products I have tried and I have tried A LOT. QR bikes, Reynolds wheels, and Ice Friction go together like meatballs, gravy, and spaghetti. I can't imagine anything more smooth and fast between my legs. Not mention the best customer service from all three companies. After the bike, Newton's carry me to the finish. I will never run in another shoe again. After all the swimming, biking, and running Ruby's Lube keeps me from having to walk like I just got off of a horse. Finally, when I am cheering on the other BSR Teammates on their podium finishes I can look sexy in my Zeal Sunglasses. I have not had a bad experience with any of the sponsors and always look forward to working with them. "

Kris Cordova

"After years of claiming that I couldn't swim in a fullsleeve wetsuit, the flexible, durable Helix made me a believer. I also love blueseventy's entire line of comfy goggles and cute, fast practice swimsuits...I'm rushing to place another order as we speak! "

Jared F

PhD Nutrition
"PhD Nutriton products have single handedly increased my ability to train at higher levels. By providing me with the right supplements to have high intensity workouts, coupled with the right recovery tools, I am able to peak at the right time and sustain longer times at faster paces. This has allowed me to have one of my best seasons in years. "

Brent Cohen

Blue Seventy Wetsuits
"I have used several different wetsuits during my past 10 years of racing triathlon. Once I put on the Blue Seventy Helix, I knew there was a difference. More comfortable, easier to take off in transition and great flexibility in the shoulders. Just as important is their amazing customer service. They were willing to help with sizing questions and issues and took care of everything quickly!"

Paolo Stasi

Cobb Cycling
"I deal directly with the owner when I was looking for new saddle, got plenty of advices and magade to pick the right saddle I need. The after sales customer service is a big plus for me."

Jodi Newman

Finis and blue seventy
"What amazing new products and technology these 2 offer us as athletes and as swimmers. I have the Finis Zoomers and LOVE them, plus the discount I got on them was such a bonus.
I won't swim any race venue without either my blue seventy speed suit or my Helix wetsuit. Both are superbly made and top notch technology. Blue seventy stands behind their products as well, if you have a problem with anything they are quick to help and make any repairs.
Both finis and blue seventy products are crutial to my training and racing needs!!
Thank you for being big sexy racing sponsors! "

Scott Horns

PHD Nutrition
"After 24yrs in the sport and having tried almost every nutrition product available. I can honestly say PHD Nutrition products are spot on, as far as taste and effectiveness. "



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