Premium Triathlon Coaching Plans - $175/month

Karleen specializes in working with athletes of all levels and develops custom programs tailored to their goals. She understands life balance with work, family and training, and finds a ‘happy medium’ that works. She has been a coach with BSRX3 for 2 years.

After you sign-up with Karleen, we will send you a detailed questionnaire and arrange for a one-on-one meeting.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
  • Trainingpeaks account
  • Access to BSRX3 private forum
  • Training and race day nutritional guidance
  • Goal Planning
  • Sports psychology guidance

“I believe in a program that is consistent. Fitness builds over days, weeks, months and years. And, finding the perfect balance with work, family and training is critical.” — Karleen Dirmantas




Two-time World Championship finisher and 2010 IMAZ fourth place amateur


World Championship finisher and six-time top-five finisher


Six-time Boston Marathon qualifier and Tucson Marathon champion with a marathon PR of 3:04

Bobbe Greenberg

"I won a pair of Newtons and was reluctant to try them because I was running successfully (Boston, Kona) without any problems. Why switch? Still, my curiosity won out, and as a result, so did I. I've been a happy Newton convert for several years, and enthusiastically racing at 70 with a spring in my step! Thank you 5 lugs!"

Andrea Hillman

PhD Nutrition
"I absolutely love the revolutionary and high quality line of products that PhD Nutrition offers. I use them not only during my training and racing, but everyday as well! Love to start my day with some pharma-greens! The shakes are amazing and everything this company put out is top-notch. Love love love the products and I am so happy to have them as part of our sponsor list. "

Tom Lang

PHD Nutrition
"PHD has the best product on the market. From training to recovery I have tried everything PHD has to offer. In the past 2 years I have had zero issues in training/racing due to nutrition. "

Vicky Tiase

Cobb Cycling
"I've been racing for over 15 years and have struggled with finding the 'right' saddle. Once I was introduced to the v-flow, my high mileage work improved and my saddle sores diminished. It's great to work with sponsors that take the time to answer questions and support athletes to the fullest. Thanks to BSR for partnering with top notch products and sponsors!"

Ed Rusk

"I've had such a fun time on this team for the past 2 years. From the support of teammates to coaches that never think your question is stupid to the incredible sponsors. Reynolds Wheels are amazing! Beet Performer is my go to drink for recovery after a long workout as well as prepping me before a big race. PHD Nutrition has fueled me through many tough workouts when other fuel sources fell short. I'm thrilled with the help the Finis gear has had in improving my swimming, and the comfort in the swim suits. The team kits are the most comfortable kits I've ever had. Love this team!"

Jared F

PhD Nutrition
"PhD Nutriton products have single handedly increased my ability to train at higher levels. By providing me with the right supplements to have high intensity workouts, coupled with the right recovery tools, I am able to peak at the right time and sustain longer times at faster paces. This has allowed me to have one of my best seasons in years. "

Keith O'Connell

"Purchased the pulse system after a tough Ironman Vineman. My recovery has been significantly faster than previous ironmans. Hardest part of training for me is recovery and with my Normatec I can recover way faster. Only problem in my house if who gets to use the them first! "

Ben Miller

"I have to admit I quit going to Chili's many years ago. We had a team dinner there last year and I was completely blown away. Great atmosphere, family friendly and a huge list of favorite meals plus actual meals for athletes that are required to fuel properly. It has become a staple for my family and we are so happy to have a new go-to place with healthy options!"

Chad Bunting

Big Sexy Racing Sponsors
"Without a doubt, BSR has the best sponsors an athlete could ever ask for. Every sponsor that I have worked with has had unbelievable customer service and outstanding products. PhD Nutrition has filled the missing link in my race plans by providing amazing products AND incredible advice and support. Cobb Cycling along with Ruby's Lube keeps my most important "parts" comfortable and happy and I will never ride another saddle or slather another cream. Powertap allows me to make huge gains in my cycling and Normatec Recovery boots are the best thing since sliced bread! Everyone comments about how awesome my Ogio bags are and I can't stop eating at Chili's. Thank you Reynolds for sexy wheels and Ashworth Awards for awesome bling. Love this team and ALL of it's sponsors. THANK YOU!!!"

Kevin Cipolla

Normatec Recovery Boots
"Normatec recovery boots are a game changer. Many triathletes neglect recovery, always concentrating on swimming, biking and running. Recovery is key and the Normatec boots use their patented technology to facilitate blood flow in your legs and does make your legs fresher faster. I use them every night as part of my recovery routine. Thank you Normatec for sponsoring Big Sexy Racing. "



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KASK Bambino Pro

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Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.

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