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Richard was born and raised in Orange County, California. He grew up playing Basketball, baseball, and football. Richard attended the University of California Berkeley (CAL) on a full football scholarship. His childhood dream was always to play quarterback in the NFL, but after a very bad ankle injury his football career was over. After work colleagues dared him to do a sprint triathlon calling him, “out of shape,” he was instantly hooked. The sprint triathlon led Richard completing his first Ironman in 2011.

After you sign-up with Richard, we will send you a detailed questionnaire arrange for a one-on-one meeting.

  • Premium quality one-on-one coaching
  • Season planning and race scheduling
  • Custom programs and sessions tailored to you
  • account
  • Access to private forums

“With dedication, consistency and the right coaching plan anything is possible in triathlon.” — Richard Schwartz


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Anna McCown

"I have been working with Karleen since May and have nothing but positive things to say about her coaching. She makes great individualized plans and really works with you and your schedule.
She provides great feedback after a workout and helps keep you motivated to be the best you can be.
If looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Karleen!"

Jimmy Lockie

"There really are no words that can describe how amazing this product is.!! 1st off the company itself is fantastic. Always willing to answer any of my questions, no matter how silly they may be. The product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use them every night, travel with them and cannot live without them. I don't care how many looks i get in an airport. This product has saved me so much money on having to get a massage every two weeks during the season. Thank you so much. "

Curt Cotner

Quintana Roo
"Admittedly the PR Six (2016) is the first tri bike that I have ever owned but not the first that I have raced/ridden. I've been on more expensive bikes and I can honestly say, my bike is faster and more comfortable for me than the others. Personally I am able to ride faster for longer distances than I have in the past. At 45 years old I was able to average 24.25 mph for 56 miles and still have the legs to run 1:26 for a half marathon. I believe I owe a lot of that to having the right tool and my PR Six is definitely the right tool. "

Michael Gutierrez

Big Sexy Racing and sponsors
"This is my second year with Big Sexy Racing and it's been the best decision I've made . The support from this team and sponsors is AMAZING ! I recently purchased a PR FIVE from Quintana Roo and the support has been great from day one . I've have used Chilis , Rubys Lube , PHD nutrition , Zeal , Newton , Reynolds wheels products and services . They have gone above and beyond to help me out with anything I need . One more sponsor that I would like to thank is Big Sexy Gear for creating our awesome Performance apperal !


Eddie Carvallo

Big Sexy Gear
"After doing triathlons for many years, I never thought you supposed to feel comfortable on the bike. The custom bike kits & tri suits are the most comfortable ones that I have tried. The quality & service is second to none. Plus the short sleeve tri suit is the best thing to wear for any triathlon. Thank you for everything!!!"

Ed Rusk

"I've had such a fun time on this team for the past 2 years. From the support of teammates to coaches that never think your question is stupid to the incredible sponsors. Reynolds Wheels are amazing! Beet Performer is my go to drink for recovery after a long workout as well as prepping me before a big race. PHD Nutrition has fueled me through many tough workouts when other fuel sources fell short. I'm thrilled with the help the Finis gear has had in improving my swimming, and the comfort in the swim suits. The team kits are the most comfortable kits I've ever had. Love this team!"

Keith O'Connell

Big Sexy Racing
"I am now in my 3rd year racing with Big Sexy Racing and I can not say enough about the team and the amazing sponsors. It is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Using products from BlueSeventy, Cobb, Reynolds, Ruby's Lube, Finis just to name a few keep me at my best. The BigSexyGear is the most comfortable I have ever worn. Amazing all!"

Ben Miller

K2 Coolers
"there is nothing I appreciate more than a cold drink. My family says I'm addicted to ice and I'm sure my dentist will thank me for that someday. I live in Arizona and nothing can survive the heat here. If you leave anything In your car, it's done for by means of melting or boiling. I always love taking a cold drink with me but I hate carrying it in stores. Whatever stuff the put in the walls of these mugs can keep ice solid for several hours inside a car when it's over 105 degrees outside. It's completely unreal! Not to mention the look is very sexy and the lid mechanism actually works while being easy to clean. I love my mug!"

Paolo Stasi

Cobb Cycling
"I deal directly with the owner when I was looking for new saddle, got plenty of advices and magade to pick the right saddle I need. The after sales customer service is a big plus for me."

Brett Hill

"When I began I was a middle of the pack athlete, with an IM best of just over 11 hours and a HIM best of 5:08. Over the previous two years we’ve worked together and had a lot of fun, but also had some great results. I’ve been able to take my IM time to under 9 hours and record a HIM PB of 4:15 on a hilly course!"



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Special Edition Louisiana Strong Big Shorts and Cycling Jerseys are available in our other store.


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