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Scott Horns has competed in endurance sports for 23 years and has coached endurance athletes for the past 12. During this time he has raced in 15 Ironman events including the Ironman Hawaii World Championship. He is a USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach, EMT-B and a graduate of the United States Sports Academy (Sports Medicine). He consistently places in the top 5% and believes it is due to the philosophy that guides his coaching and training.

In addition to coaching, Scott is an Exercise Specialist for the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He resides in Florida and enjoys spending time with his daughter surfing.

“I feel that achieving balance in life is essential to achieving goals. Being a quality athlete involves more than just training hard, it requires a certain level of ethics and state of mind. Finding and maintaining balance will result in longevity and success.”

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Tom Lang

Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer
"Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer are the winning combination. I have switched over to both before all long rides and pre races. Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer give me the base i need to have a solid race/ride."

Brandon Dombrowski

Sponsors and BSR
"As a whole the team is awesome! We all get along, the daily posts and conversations are ether fun, informative or both! Chris and Erika have done an amazing job keeping all the ducks in line. And the sponsors... customer service has been top notch and the products provided have been even better! I use all of them and couuldnt be happier."

Laura Gilbert

PhD Nutrition
"PhD Nutrition has the best training and racing products! I had used several other nutrition companies before making the switch to My favorite products, Battery and Glycodurance, and none of them fueled me like PhD! The fast absorption and high quality is superior to any other product out there! And the staff is always helpful too!!"

Aaron Raymond Marjala

"As a second year BSR team member I have had the oppratunity to race 5 Ironman races under the BSR flag. Being part of BSR brings along a true committed team of people spread out across the world. I have made lifelong friendships through BSR and everywhere I travel my team is there when I need them the most. It has been an honor to be a member of BSR and cherish the friendships I have made.

That being said, without a doubt, our sponsors ROCK! I believe I am the record holder for beet juice (Beet Perfomer) consumption during training as well as on race morning. Newton running took me from being sidelined with sciatica to Bostan qualifying. Ruby's is my go to lube and even learned if you out a dab on your eyebrows, the sweat from your helmet will roll off your face and not onto your glasses! Chili's came onboard this year and all I can say is "WoW, crazy BSR support. With their healthy athletic supported new menu items we book a table the night before every race. Sponsor or not, if 25 triathletes are going to dine at a restaurant 12 hours before a 140.6 mile race, that is a true testament to quality and belief in a company.

Those are just a few examples of how our sponsored companies are improving the sport of Triathlon.

Cheers, and I'll see you out on the course! "

Sherry Rowland

Quintana Roo/Precision Bikes
"As a late in life athlete with most of my spine fused, I did not believe that it was possible for me to ride at all, least of all in comfort, on a Tri Bike. With the excellent fit provided by Precision Bikes on my PR5, I have been proven delightfully wrong. I love, love, love my PR5 and my legs really love the lack of fatigue I feel when I start my run off the bike. Thank you!!!"

Elaine gower

PhD nutrition Cda.
"Great products. I use glyco durance Pharma greens battery vegan pure and whey protein and diet whey. All of the products are made with Grade A ingredients. The flavors also really tasty. "

Melinda Oldroyd

PhD Nutrition
"I can't say enough about these guys! The products are amazing! I've always had trouble feeling "sloshy" when transferring from bike to run; or running out of steam because my nutrition wasn't good enough. With these products I haven't had any of those issues! Not only are the products great but the customer service is incredible!! Always willing to help and offer advice. Best company ever!!! Thank you "

Daniel singer

Big sexy racing and sponsors
"BSR is more than a team of endurance's a supportive caring group of people that I'm proud to call my friends. "

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