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With more than 20 years of experience competing in endurance sports, Terrance has completed triathlons ranging from super sprint to Ironman distances. Along the way, he's completed 8 Ironman triathlons - including qualifying for and competing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii twice.

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Terrance's passion for the sport has led him to coach others to achieve their goals. Based in Westminster, Colorado, Terrance offers a personalized approach to coaching athletes of all ability levels with customized training programs and encouragement tailored to individual ability levels, goals and lifestyles.

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Bobbe Greenberg

Cobb Cycling
"I LOVE my COBB! I've had a Cobb saddle for three years. During this time I've enjoyed week-long cycling trips, multi-hours on a stationery trainer, century rides, and Ironman races. While I wish I was faster, I can't complain about the distance, because I experience zero discomfort. In fact, my most recent bicycle split took me over seven hours, yet I never took my foot off the pedal This saddle truly makes riding a pleasure!"

Francis Asprodites

BSR Sponsors
"The sponsors of Big Sexy Racing have the most fantastic customer service. Beet Performer and PhD Nutrition keep my body filled with nutrients to be ready for race day. Finis googles and Blue Seventy swim skin get me through the swim. Bonk Breakers, Ice Friction, Power Tap, Kask and PhD Nutrition keep me hydrated, safe and ready to take on the run. Newton shoes keep some pep in my step for the run while keeping energy high with bonk breaker chews. All of this being done with Big Sexy Gear and Ruby's Lube to keep the body comfortable. Thanks to all the sponsors! They are amazing!"

Adam Hall

"Until I found the Element by Blueseventy I hunted for months trying to find a comfortable but fast goggle that can be used in the pool or the open water. I spent more than double that the element cost but got nowhere near the performance, consistency and comfort. "

Jimmy Lockie

"There really are no words that can describe how amazing this product is.!! 1st off the company itself is fantastic. Always willing to answer any of my questions, no matter how silly they may be. The product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use them every night, travel with them and cannot live without them. I don't care how many looks i get in an airport. This product has saved me so much money on having to get a massage every two weeks during the season. Thank you so much. "

Tom Lang

PHD Nutrition
"PHD has the best product on the market. From training to recovery I have tried everything PHD has to offer. In the past 2 years I have had zero issues in training/racing due to nutrition. "

Tom Lang

Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer
"Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer are the winning combination. I have switched over to both before all long rides and pre races. Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer give me the base i need to have a solid race/ride."

Jared F

PhD Nutrition
"PhD Nutriton products have single handedly increased my ability to train at higher levels. By providing me with the right supplements to have high intensity workouts, coupled with the right recovery tools, I am able to peak at the right time and sustain longer times at faster paces. This has allowed me to have one of my best seasons in years. "

Jeanie Crawford

"The range of motion I get with my blueseventy helix is amazing. The suit has been a true game changer for me, it's the best suit I've ever used! "

Paolo Stasi

Cobb Cycling
"I deal directly with the owner when I was looking for new saddle, got plenty of advices and magade to pick the right saddle I need. The after sales customer service is a big plus for me."


"Racing with BSR changed my entire mentality on race nutrition. Between PhD Nutrion, Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer, I'm racing stronger than ever before!"



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