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With more than 20 years of experience competing in endurance sports, Terrance has completed triathlons ranging from super sprint to Ironman distances. Along the way, he's completed 8 Ironman triathlons - including qualifying for and competing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii twice.

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Terrance's passion for the sport has led him to coach others to achieve their goals. Based in Westminster, Colorado, Terrance offers a personalized approach to coaching athletes of all ability levels with customized training programs and encouragement tailored to individual ability levels, goals and lifestyles.

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Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.


Bobbe Greenberg

Ruby's Lube
"I used Ruby's Lube all season, for every cycling session including four hour rides on an indoor trainer, and all century rides (7+ hours) leading up to my Ironman World Championship race. I am thrilled to say, I have remained non-irritated and chafe free! What I hadn't anticipated was an abrasion under my arm and on my neck after the 2.4 mile ocean salt- water swim. This had never happened in training, so I saw no need in applying any product in advance. Luckily, I had my Ruby's Lube! Not only does it smell delicious while soothing, my "wounds" disappeared over night! This multi-use product is also a wonderful lip balm. You'll love it! "

Bobbe Greenberg

Cobb Cycling
"I LOVE my COBB! I've had a Cobb saddle for three years. During this time I've enjoyed week-long cycling trips, multi-hours on a stationery trainer, century rides, and Ironman races. While I wish I was faster, I can't complain about the distance, because I experience zero discomfort. In fact, my most recent bicycle split took me over seven hours, yet I never took my foot off the pedal This saddle truly makes riding a pleasure!"

Tom Lang

Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer
"Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer are the winning combination. I have switched over to both before all long rides and pre races. Bonk Breaker and Beet Performer give me the base i need to have a solid race/ride."

Jodi O'Shea

Sponsors /coaching
"I am in my second year with Big Sexy Racing and I appreciate the support from the sponsors . PhD nutrition products , Bonk Breaker & beetperformer have been terrific with nutritional support, blue seventy helix is amazing, Quintanaroo with fantastic bikes & Reynolds wheels.Newton running shoes for the great customer support and fast kicks. Ogio bags keep all my gear in check.

I also use BSR coaching and couldn't be happier with the opportunity to work with my coach who has been totally invested in me and my success. The results have been awesome and I will only continue to improve as we work together as a team. The coaching programs are personalized and adapted to me.
The entire experience with Big Sexy Racing and all the sponsors & coaching has far exceeded any expectations . "

Matt Diehl

Team BSR Sponsors
"I can't say enough about this team or its sponsors. I've been in constant contact with Seth from Cobb cycling , from saddles to short cranks they've been nothing short of amazing in helping me. PHD nutrition has completely changed my nutrition game and simplified it, zero GI issues and zero bonk! From my Blue Seventy wetsuit (absolutely the most shoulder mobility I have ever found in a suit) to my Powertap C1 power meter I have been able to progress much quicker as an athlete! "

Ed Rusk

"I've had such a fun time on this team for the past 2 years. From the support of teammates to coaches that never think your question is stupid to the incredible sponsors. Reynolds Wheels are amazing! Beet Performer is my go to drink for recovery after a long workout as well as prepping me before a big race. PHD Nutrition has fueled me through many tough workouts when other fuel sources fell short. I'm thrilled with the help the Finis gear has had in improving my swimming, and the comfort in the swim suits. The team kits are the most comfortable kits I've ever had. Love this team!"

Brent Cohen

Blue Seventy Wetsuits
"I have used several different wetsuits during my past 10 years of racing triathlon. Once I put on the Blue Seventy Helix, I knew there was a difference. More comfortable, easier to take off in transition and great flexibility in the shoulders. Just as important is their amazing customer service. They were willing to help with sizing questions and issues and took care of everything quickly!"

Christopher Fischer

Newton Running
"I didnt run in Newtons until I joined BSR. Upon obtaining my first pair of Distance 2's my whole Idea of running changed. It went from the third and boring part of the race to my favorite event. Newton shoes have made running fun again because they are comfortable and long lasting. I can get easily 250+ miles out of each shoe. Newton running creates a strong stable, breathable product. "

Jason Madaus

All the Team AND ALL sponsors
"This is my first year on Big Sexy Racing and it has been the absolute best experience I have had, and actually surpassed what I was thinking it would bring.

This team has been more than a team to me, it has become like another family of mine. From Chris and Erika being there and doing so much for all of us, to everyone on the team being so supportive and encouraging about every aspect of life from training, to racing and even to any other life item that may be going on.

On top of that we have some of the absolute best sponsors to help us achieve all of our goals as individuals and a team! These sponsors such as Chili's, PhD Nutrition, Reynolds Wheels, Power Tap, Ruby's Lube, Newton Running, Ashworth Awards, Epoch Universal, Ice Friction, Kask Helmets, Beet Performer, NormaTec and so many more have been there for myself and the entire team daily with information, support and GREAT products!!!! Without all of these sponsors and more (sorry for not getting each listed, all mean a ton), the goals and accomplishments of our team would be harder to reach each day and each race!!!!

Thank you all for the best race year I could have ever imagined, actually surpassing my original thoughts.

I look forward to continue to represent the team and ALL sponsors the best I possibly can!!!"

Kevin Cipolla

Normatec Recovery Boots
"Normatec recovery boots are a game changer. Many triathletes neglect recovery, always concentrating on swimming, biking and running. Recovery is key and the Normatec boots use their patented technology to facilitate blood flow in your legs and does make your legs fresher faster. I use them every night as part of my recovery routine. Thank you Normatec for sponsoring Big Sexy Racing. "



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