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Aug. 27, 2016
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Chili’s Teams Up With Seven-Time IRONMAN Champion Chris McDonald to launch a nationwide physical wellbeing challenge, ‘Let’s Tri Together’






Big Sexy Racing is proud to have Ruby's Lube as a sponsor.






Premium wheels



Normatec is a 70.3 level sponsor of Big Sexy Racing



The ultimate source of high performance nitrates to accelerate the delivery of oxygen to your muscles.

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Kris Cordova


After years of claiming that I couldn't swim in a fullsleeve wetsuit, the flexible, durable Helix made me a believer. I also love blueseventy's entire line of comfy goggles and cute, fast practice swimsuits...I'm rushing to place another order as we speak!


Matt Diehl

Team BSR Sponsors

I can't say enough about this team or its sponsors. I've been in constant contact with Seth from Cobb cycling , from saddles to short cranks they've been nothing short of amazing in helping me. PHD nutrition has completely changed my nutrition game and simplified it, zero GI issues and zero bonk! From my Blue Seventy wetsuit (absolutely the most shoulder mobility I have ever found in a suit) to my Powertap C1 power meter I have been able to progress much quicker as an athlete!


Eddie Carvallo

Big Sexy Gear

After doing triathlons for many years, I never thought you supposed to feel comfortable on the bike. The custom bike kits & tri suits are the most comfortable ones that I have tried. The quality & service is second to none. Plus the short sleeve tri suit is the best thing to wear for any triathlon. Thank you for everything!!!


Ed Rusk


I've had such a fun time on this team for the past 2 years. From the support of teammates to coaches that never think your question is stupid to the incredible sponsors. Reynolds Wheels are amazing! Beet Performer is my go to drink for recovery after a long workout as well as prepping me before a big race. PHD Nutrition has fueled me through many tough workouts when other fuel sources fell short. I'm thrilled with the help the Finis gear has had in improving my swimming, and the comfort in the swim suits. The team kits are the most comfortable kits I've ever had. Love this team!


Laura Gilbert

PhD Nutrition

PhD Nutrition has the best training and racing products! I had used several other nutrition companies before making the switch to My favorite products, Battery and Glycodurance, and none of them fueled me like PhD! The fast absorption and high quality is superior to any other product out there! And the staff is always helpful too!!


Tom Lucas

Rubys lube

Prior to being associated with big sexy racing. I used a well known chamois cream. It worked, but during long events it had to be reapplied. I began using Ruby's all natural ant chafe balm. What a difference, it last all day with one application, provides better protection with less volume of product. Plus it's all natural with only 5 ingredients and has a good natural smell, not a chemical or artificial. I have also been using it where my wetsuit rubs and when riding or running without socks. It's a great product with many uses. Check out the story of Ruby and her unbelievable anti chafe lube, you won't be disappointed.


David Szczepanski


Used these recovery boots at an IM expo then fell in love with them. I was fortunate enough to be selected for this team and have Normatec as a sponsor. Use them almost daily and fell great the next day!


Ben Hoff


After joining Big Sexy Racing I bought my first Ogio bag, the Endurance 9.0 to use as my transition bag. It was perfect, well thought out and super durable. I have been using (and abusing it) for 3 years now and it looks and functions just like it was new. I can also now proudly say all of my traveling luggage has been replaced by Ogio bags and my wife's camera backpack is now an Ogio as well. Just a great, solid company, with awesome customer service in the rare case you need it!


Lisa Rehberg

Quintana Roo

We are so fortunate to have the best sponsors in the world of triathlon! Through the years of racing I've been on many brands of bikes, but my Quintana Roo PRsix has been my favorite bike by far! So comfortable and a smooth ride! Not to mention a "sexy" bike!


Andrew Chafer

Ashworth Awards

You put in the hard lonely miles of training alone or with BSR teammates to achieve your race day goals. These goals are celebrated with beautifully designed medals from Ashworth Awards that are placed around of necks and displayed for all to see. " I can't wait until my next race for my medal "


Cyndi Lindeman

Blue Seventy Wetsuits

Love my Blue Seventy! Have both the Helix and the PS4 swim skin. Best out there by far and I've tried LOTS of different brands before.


Jared F

PhD Nutrition

PhD Nutriton products have single handedly increased my ability to train at higher levels. By providing me with the right supplements to have high intensity workouts, coupled with the right recovery tools, I am able to peak at the right time and sustain longer times at faster paces. This has allowed me to have one of my best seasons in years.


Ryan Glover

BigSexyRacing Sponsors

I cannot say enough about the BSR sponsors for 2016. I came into this season with personal goals and I feel that those goals were supported fully by our sponsors. Throughout the season, I feel like all have contributed to our success as a team. I cannot say enough about the folks at Quintana Roo and Reynolds Cycling, who have been key to my performance this year. Their products are amazing and work perfectly together. Just recently I was able to purchase PowerTap P1 pedals, after having been a Quarq rider for years. I can honestly say I would never go back! And last, but not least, Normatec Recovery. I go everywhere with my Normatec Pulse Leg & Hip Recovery System. Their product is a game changer in recovery and the addition of the hip and glute extensions have really helped me in recovering after the long runs and rides during Ironman training.


Christine Desrochers

Being part of this team has been an amazing experience. The leadership, sponsors and team have truly enriched the pursuit of my athletic dreams. Just this year I bought my first Powertap power meter, a Reynolds Element disc, PhD Nutrition, Newton running shoes , Rubys Lube , Magura Direct for new tires and tubes, Beet Performer, Bonk Breaker and Finis axis pull buoy! I check out our sponsors FIRST. I believe the have helped me increase both my enjoyment and performance in triathlon. Go BSR!!!


Matthew Parra

Team BSR Sponsors

Words aren't enough. PHd Nutrition keeps me fueled. Since having weight loss surgery 5 years ago, I am not able to tolerate many of the nutritional products on the market. Since I was turned to PHd by my BSR Coach Karleen, I have not had the nutritional issues experienced in the past. The Glycodurance is the bomb! Ruby's Lube has been a life saver from me to prevent chafing in all sorts of places from thighs, to chest to my feet on the runs. And what is there to say that hasn't been said already for Big Sexy Racing. The team name is really misleading. This is much more than just a triathlon racing team. BSR is a family. A family with all of the encouragement and support that family member give one another all through life. A family that also pokes fun at one another and has a good time. I have been sidelined most of this year due to injuries and medical conditions, but my BSR team mates continue to support and encourage me for my comeback in 2017. Thanks to Chris and Erika for all you have done to put this special group of people and coaches together.


Greg Witherow


Training with power has really taken my cycling to another level and I can always rely on my PowerTap pedals to give accurate feedback to dial in my training and racing! Easy to use and very durable - you can't go wrong with PowerTap!!!


Keith O'Connell


Purchased the pulse system after a tough Ironman Vineman. My recovery has been significantly faster than previous ironmans. Hardest part of training for me is recovery and with my Normatec I can recover way faster. Only problem in my house if who gets to use the them first!


Keith O'Connell

Big Sexy Racing

I am now in my 3rd year racing with Big Sexy Racing and I can not say enough about the team and the amazing sponsors. It is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Using products from BlueSeventy, Cobb, Reynolds, Ruby's Lube, Finis just to name a few keep me at my best. The BigSexyGear is the most comfortable I have ever worn. Amazing all!


Jeanie Crawford


The range of motion I get with my blueseventy helix is amazing. The suit has been a true game changer for me, it's the best suit I've ever used!


Jodi Newman

Big sexy sponsors

So far every sponsor has been amazing. Great discounts for us, and great codes to share with friends and family members. They take care of us as team members and support the team like nothing I have ever encountered before. They go out of their way to get us products and supplements when we need them for races!! All in all I am thrilled to be on this team and have the opportunity to promote such great companies! Hoping we can continue a relationship with them in 2017!!


Christopher Whelchel

Big Sexy Racing Sponsors

SO many wonderful backers, I think I may run out of space! I'll never forget my biggest race to date and although it was in 2015, Blue Seventy was there to help then as they are now. I needed a suit as my previous brands had caused some issues and ahead of me was Ultraman Canada, with a 10K swim. Blue Seventy stepped up to the plate and overnighted me a sleeveless suit that is now my favorite one for all races! Amazing customer service and products. PhD nutrition has been my sole source of hydration and nutrition during back to back Ironmans, ultramans, century road rides and everything in between. Solid products, great service and a huge factor in my abilities. Reynolds Wheels... you almost don't need an introduction. They speak for themselves... fast, dependable and again, wonderful service. I've tried many brands on the market and I LOVE how these perform! Ruby's lube... you guys ROCK. Thousands of miles in the saddle and zero complaints from "down below." Riding in comfort is a huge deal and I know I couldn't hammer out the miles without your product on board. Cobb Cycling... between you and Ruby's Lube, it's a match made in heaven. My four steeds rock Cobb Saddles and I can't imagine riding anything else. I'm a customer for life. Ashworth Awards. I'm always excited to see what you guys are coming up with next! Constantly impressed by your designs and it makes each race even more memorable. Keep up the fantastic work! Normatec... oh how I love seeing the booth at expos! Yes, I will visit sometimes three times as I prep for a big day and envy my teammates that own a set. Maybe I'll be an owner soon but in the meantime, I'll just sincerely appreciate the sessions. Finis, you make some wonderful products that I enjoy using in the pool. Very creative, plenty of options and all designed to improve technique and speed. I'm a slow swimmer, but you guys have directly helped my efficiency. Bonk Breaker. You're with me at every IM, hands down. Thanks for keeping me going and producing top-notch products. Chilis. Let's just say that when I see one, I go. Excellent company, excellent food and a mission that is awesome. Lets Tri Together! I know I'm missing some and to all the rest, thank you for helping us become one of the most respected, hardest working and amazing team on the planet! YOU are what drives us and allows us to reach our goals!


Chris McDonald

Professional Triathlete

FINIS simplifies swimming training for all athletes, but especially for triathletes. As an athlete who only learned to swim at 24 years of age, swimming requires a lot of attention for me and FINIS simplifies things and keeps me on top of my game.


Brett Hill


When I began I was a middle of the pack athlete, with an IM best of just over 11 hours and a HIM best of 5:08. Over the previous two years we’ve worked together and had a lot of fun, but also had some great results. I’ve been able to take my IM time to under 9 hours and record a HIM PB of 4:15 on a hilly course!